Here's my interview about Culture of Health Leaders on

As someone who works at the confluence of spirituality, social justice, and academia, it's been challenging for me to find a "place" (and funding). In a recent interview on, I shared how the Culture of Health Leaders program helps me articulate my path, grow relationships nationwide, and learn from 39 other scholars, practitioners, and activists. I share the link to the interview below.

But first, a few notes . . . 

  • You don't need a degree to apply to Culture of Health Leaders. In my experience so far, Culture of Health Leaders treats education broadly, from "formal" education, to work experience, to learning with community members. One of the reasons I applied was to engage with people, knowledge, and publications from beyond the (privileged) academy.

  • It's true: graduate school and PhD training doesn't always offer strategies for thriving if you are a first generation graduate student, non-tenure track PhD, independent scholar, or activist researcher. By strategies for thriving, I mean strategies that support and sustain financial, emotional, and social wellbeing. Culture of Health Leaders is part of my current strategy for thriving as a Black/woman/public scholar/first generation student. The program provides social and financial support as I practice public scholarship via consulting, facilitating, writing, and community-based research. If you're on a "non-traditional" academic path, Culture of Health Leaders may be a resource for you, too.

Here's that interview!