story time!

In this story clip (below), I share about building a healing arts practice as a geographer / holistic practitioner / Blaxicana.

If you’re exploring how to build and be well, join me. Fellow POC soulpreneurs and soulful academics, tune in. More to come. Get the e-letter for updates!

P.S. it’s about 11 minutes with a mini-meditation. Breathe with me . . .


I work roots! ancestral roots, root causes, root down with community…

I’m a healing arts practitioner and geographer, working across place. I facilitate meditative arts and ceremony, do research and consult. Always at the crossroads of food / healing / justice / joy. Always inspired by my roots as a Blaxicana (African-American and Xicana). Since 2008, I’ve held space with fellow people of color and justice-centered organizations as we reclaim legacies of healing. Currently, I’m reimagining “health” with other community builders from around the country as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Leader (2017-2020). Above all, I’m practicing with you! Join the monthly e-letter for reflections, updates, and more.


I’m inspired by African-American rootwomen, Xicana and Mexicana curanderas, and healer-scholars who have long supported community healing and grassroots power: spirit, mind, body, earth. Ancestors and intuition are my guides, along with these writings and many teachers. (For more on training, visit the virtual CV).


For consulting, I partner with people of color-led and justice-centered organizations. Through group ceremony, healing arts, and embodied inquiry, we explore how to sustain ourselves and our work. For research and creative projects, I focus on Black geographies of food and healing; grassroots and indigenous medicine; and alternative economies.


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“The struggle has always been inner, and is played out in outer terrains”

- Gloria Anzaldúa