i work from the root! ancestral roots, root causes, root chakras, plant roots, root down with community…

Welcome! I’m a ceremonykeeper, cultural rootworker, and geographer. At this very moment, I’m reimagining “health” with fellow community builders as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Leader (2017-2020). You can also find me growing Rootwork, a holistic practice.

This is ancestor work! As a Blaxicana (African-American and Xicana), I’m inspired by African-American rootwomen, Xicana/Mexicana curanderas, and healer-scholars who have long supported community health and healing: spirit, mind, body, and earth.

Since 2008, I’ve facilitated meditation and ceremony with communities of color. For community-based art and research, I focus broadly on holistic medicine, alternative and cooperative economies, and Black geographies of food, gardening, and healing.

I invite you to stay a while. Witness. Sign up for updates. Read the blog. Connect. - Onward, Naya | Creatrix @ Rootwork | Co-founder @ Food for Black Thought




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“The struggle has always been inner, and is played out in outer terrains”

- Gloria Anzaldúa