Speaking & Consulting

Dr. Naya partners with groups and organizations as a speaker, consultant, and ceremony facilitator. She helps "build capacity" for everyday living and community work, in a holistic sense of the word: mind, body, spirit. She helps create space for mutual self-care and reflection through practices like meditation, deep listening, breathwork, and critical analysis.  

Naya has partnered with universities, non-profits, grassroots organizations, among others (meet some partners below). She collaborates with individuals and groups who share a commitment to liberation, racial justice, and community healing. 

Naya believes "digging deep" can be radically joy-full and playful, without losing sight of personal pain or social injustice. She practices a queer-affirming (LGBTQAI+) and trauma-conscious approach. Witness her training, here

Note: Naya especially welcomes opportunities to present and partner virtually (Skype, etc.) at this time. But please do reach out if you would like to partner  on-the-ground. Partner with Naya | Visit Dr. Naya's bio | Past events


  • Radical Self-Care (For Work, Activism, School, Research, Everyday Living)  
  • Get Rooted: Tools for Grounding
  • Reiki for Social Change
  • Meditation for Social Change
  • "Inner Work", Food Sovereignty, and Food Justice
  • Being a Scholar-Activist: Strategies for Thriving
  • Living #AltAc: Strategies for Thriving for Alternative Academics
  • Earthwork* 
  • Black Women Get Rooted*
  • Ancestor Work & Ceremony* 

* These offerings are designed for/with Black and other people of color as we address legacies of racial trauma, resilience, and ancestral healing together.  

Past Partners