“I appreciated the intentionality of the space: the altar, the sage, the crystals, the music, the warm welcome, the snacks, the tea and the open door all indicated to me that Naya had prepared the space with love before we even began!”

– Participant, Radical Self Care for Graduate Students Workshop



The two words that I think best describe Naya are inspirational and glowing. Naya is one of the kindest and warmest people I've met, and the projects she is part of radiate that same kindness and warmth. She is an engaging and skilled facilitator dedicated to supporting women of color, particularly Black women, and has spent many years doing healing and spiritual work with these communities. Naya's work is so important and necessary that I recommend her workshops to other women of color in my life who are missing a sense of balance and community. I know Naya's RootWork sessions truly can help women who are on the path of inner peace and transformation. - Rocio Villalobos, Social Justice Educator & Advocate



Urban Roots.jpg

Naya values the movement of life in each individual and she is able to adapt her skills to develop authentic and meaningful care and successful results for her clients. 



Naya is not only an outstanding researcher, but also an excellent organizer. She balances academia and grassroots organizing beautifully and efficiently. Driven by her passion for creating change among marginalized communities through participatory research and liberatory education, Naya provides a fresh and innovative perspective. She is brilliant, genuine and a true leader, committed to being a conduit to voice for the community. - Toi Scott, School of Liberation Healing and Medicine / Queering Herbalism




Restoration. That’s the word that kept coming to my mind. 

– K. Edwards