Ecstatic facilitator, creative geographer, and ceremony keeper. Reclaiming radical joy . . .

Welcome! You’ll find many paths on this website, and they share one passion: I’m passionate about radical wellbeing. I'm passionate about an approach to wellbeing that connects mind, body, earth, spirit, and social justice.  

My passion comes from "digging deep" with organizations as an action educator.  From holding ceremony with resilient communities - Black women, queer people of color, underrepresented students. From learning Afromexican and energetic healing ways. From living and healing as a Black woman. 

Along with community-based research and art projects, I help justice-centered  organizations put radical wellbeing into practice as Owner of Get Rooted Consulting. Get Rooted houses a food justice initiative (Food for Black Thought) and culturally-grounded meditation programs (RootWork). Through research and art, I broadly explore issues of race/racism, place, and healing with an emphasis on Black resilience in North and Latin America (African-American and Afro-Latinx). 

Since 2008, I’ve facilitated meditation and ceremony with communities that face historical trauma. Now inner practices like meditation are part of my consulting work with groups. We breathe together. We remember our body wisdom. We practice tools to sustain ourselves - and the communities we co-create. 


This is ancestor work! My African-American and Mexican roots inspire me. Meditation keeps me grounded and reminds me to play.  Some of my favorite writings are on this bookshelf.   I’m nourished by mystery novels and plenty of time with nature. 

I started this website to share back about the journey, offer tools for soulful living, and connect. 

For more, visit my Bio and virtual CV. To dig with me, visit here. Simply want to connect? Reach out


Welcome to my virtual home/casita!