Ecstatic facilitator, critical geographer, and meditation guide. Reclaiming radical joy ... 

Welcome! I'm passionate about radical wellbeing: mind, body, and spirit wellness that's grounded in social justice. This passion takes many forms, from creative writing and advocacy, to ceremony and research. I also partner with communities and organizations to put radical wellbeing into practice. 

Beyond this site, I'm involved in two main initiatives. Food for Black Thought (co-founder) promotes food justice through action education and consulting. I've facilitated meditations with community since 2008 as founder of RootWork. My related research focuses on the resilience of Black food and healing practices in the United States and Mexico.

This is ancestor work! My "roots" as an African-American and Xicana inspire all of the above. I started this website to bring the work together. To share back. To connect

~ Naya


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