Ecstatic facilitator, creative geographer, and meditation guide. Reclaiming radical joy . . .

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Welcome! I'm passionate about an approach to health and wellbeing that connects mind, body, earth, spirit, and social justice. I'm passionate about bridging what's too often divided: scholarship and activism, spirituality and social justice.

My passion comes from "digging deep" with organizations. From holding space with fellow Black, Latinx, and other resilient (aka historically-marginalized) community. From learning indigenous wisdom and Afromexican healing ways. From living as a Black woman. 

As a creative geographer, I explore race/racism, environmental issues, and healing. I do this through community-based research and art with a main focus on Black resilience in North and Latin America (African American and Afro-Latinx).

As Owner of Get Rooted Consulting, I also partner with justice-centered organizations. Get Rooted houses a food justice education initiative (Food for Black Thought) and culturally-grounded meditation programs rooted in social change (RootWork). 

At this very moment I'm bridging my passions for food justice and mind/body wellness as a Culture of Health Leader (2017-2020) with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. I'm ecstatic to grow with 39 other activists, public scholars, and community workers from across the United States. (P.S. COHL is seeking applicants right now. Check it out!)

Meditation and ceremony make all of the above possible. These practices are the "root" of my research/art/consulting work. I'm also inspired by my African-American and Mexican roots. The writings on this bookshelf move me. Plenty of time with nature keeps me grounded.

What brought you here? Are you seeking inspiration? Resources? Digging deep? Connecting? Shall we build together?